Anyone having success with VsDottedLine

  • not working for me. ??
  • did I install incorrectly ?

What makes you think it isn’t working correctly? Do you get an error message? If so, what is it? What do you see when you try to use it? Can you give us anything to go on?

Which version did you install? How did you install it? Did you read the instructions on its use? Do you know how to use it?

I just installed it and it work as it says on the box.

Bear with me I’m new to this…I trust my image pastes work…

My download was here:

I followed these installation instructions:

Copied files to here:

After Sketchup restart I do not find the “replace by dotted line” option in my right click menu.

I suspect my plugin install folder or location is incorrect.
I previously installed Solar North plugin in the same place - was super easy and works flawlessly.

Alas, those installation instructions are obsolete since at least SketchUp 8 rev 1! Do not copy anything directly into the Plugins folder.

For SketchUp 2018 (indicated in your profile), you should download the rbz, open menu Window->Extension Manager. At the bottom of the Extension Manager dialog, click the red button that says “Install Extension”. It will open a dialog where you select the .rbz file for the extension and then click OK. The Extension Manager will take care of putting the right files in the right places. Note, however, that for some extensions you have to restart SketchUp before they will “take”.


Steve beat me to it but he’s right. You should be using the RBZ download and Extension Manager to install it correctly.

I guess that does answer your second question, though.

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Bull’s eye!! easy.
thanks Steve.