Vray settings for that type of material

I am starting my jurney with sketchup and vray extension and I want to by able to generate that kind of texture - copper patina , is there a place to buy such a material settings ?

Search for “vismat” on google. There are various websites that have collections of them.

With that said, I think starting from simple jpg and matching the visual quality by tweaking the material values is more viable solution.

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vismat they dont have materials for sketchup/

anywhere else ?

Vismap does have materials for SketchUp, but it may not show correctly.

Therefore, I find the method of feeding SketchUp material to Vray a lot more useful.
Start by using image-based material from SketchUp change its transparency in SketchUp, and tweak the material values in Vray (reflection, emissivity, refraction, etc.)

And as this is SketchUp forum, fishing for Vray advice is quite a long shot.
Chaosgroup’s own Vray forum is better place for those questions.

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