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Hello everyone,

Do Vray mats work in SketchUp as they do with Vray mats in 3ds Max? UV Mapping, UV coordinates, unwrapping, etc.

I can see several people asking similar questions but no SketchUp people have answered. Please just clarify so we do not use more time trying to fix the Vray mats in SketchUp :slight_smile:

Regards, Eric


IMO, this is a question that should be directed to the Vray forum for discussion and/or answers because it is so specific to Vray. Maybe someone here can respond, but every SU user does not make use of the render software being referred to.


Isn’t this "> Extentions > Vray forum?

If not, could you please post the link here to the right forum?



Vray has it’s own forum hosted on its own site. That’s where you should be asking this question to get the the answer.



I believe .vrmat (or old .vismat) files -which is for SketchUp- doesn’t work in 3ds Max (and .mat files -which is for 3ds Max- doesn’t work in SketchUp).
However there is VRmat Material in 3ds Max which allows you to import .vrmat (and i think .vismat as well).

Also there is VRmat Converter in 3ds Max which converts .mat to .vrmat files.

In addition to that since they’re both Vray materials, you can create a new and copy their material settings/parameters manually. (If there is not many materials, i suggest doing this, because there is always risk to mess things up when converting. Brand new material always work better.)

This plugin might be useful as well if you are using Vray 2: Ithil Render Tools (it doesn’t work in Vray 3)


Those are tags for this post only. They are used to identify the topic to help steer other users to this post if they have an interest. It does not purport to include all subjects related to Vray on this forum. Again, although there may be a user on this forum who can help you, you will likely find better support for your inquiry on a Vray forum.


Thank you all for the answers :slight_smile: .

I have submitted the question in Chaos forums in the Vray for SketchUp. Whenever I get the answer I will post it here.




UVW Map, exists in Vray for SketchUp?
Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to add a UVW Map (or any other space modifier) to an object in SketchUp?..sort of in the same way as in 3ds Max?

I’m a regular user of 3ds Max but now I am learning SketchUp and trying to add maps with the chance to move the UVW within the object (gizmo), applied as planar, box, cylindrical, etc adjusting the length, width & high.

I see the UVW choice in the vray mats in Sketchup with the possibility to rotate then fixing the map size with SketchUp in the default mat editor, but nothing that allows me to place and manipulate the map on the object.

Regards, Eric


You could use SketchUV plugin:

Or the Thrupaint plugin:

You Could use V-ray UVW to adjust the repeat, rotation, offset, mirror and the crop but you could see the result of that right now only in the VFB.

Hope this help.

Edit: You could also use the Triplanar Map:
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Thanks. the SketchUV plugin is a great help. After seeing the mentioned video in youtube I found other videos with suggesting & tips for plugins about UV texturing with SketchUp.

I guess, this is a matter of how the programs are built. I am still missing the easy handle of the properties of the space modifiers from Max in SketchUp…however, it is probably only me

Regards, Eric

Hope it helps :smile: -)


I hope you made it clear like you did in that forum: “Is it possible to add a UVW Map (or any other space modifier) to an object in SketchUp?”

You tricked me mentioning ‘Vray mats’ all over the place :sweat_smile:
And you can see this issue has nothing to do with Vray, that’s why you couldn’t get much help i suppose :upside_down_face:

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