Does Vray work with SketchUp Make 2017

Hi. I just downloaded vray to sketchup make 2017. The problem is im nor sure if vray work with the free version, or if i need to upgrade to pro.

When i download new vismat materials i can’t import them to vray? (or can anyone let me know how that works - another file type) - do you have link for downloading right filetype?

How do i import objects - into vray or sketchup?


Hi anneanne,

V-Ray is fully compatible with SketchUp 2017 Make (Pro license is not required).

The .vismat material type is very old and has been deprecated.
The standard file extension that we use now is .vrmat (since 2013 or even earlier ).
I’d recommend you use the materials from the built-in material library - I can see you’ve downloaded it already on the screenshot.

Where do you want to import objects from?
Every object that you add to your SketchUp model will be rendered by V-Ray without any additional actions required.


Thank you! that almost answered anything. I just need a special grasstype, which i want to import, I just can’t find an import button to upload inside vray. I have the file on my computer,

Is this particular type of grass an object or a texture?

In V-Ray Asset Editor > Materials > Import Asset File

What kind of file is it?
If you share the file I’ll be able to tell you how to load and render it (if possible).

Thank you!
So filetypes supported for materials are .vrmat?
And for object, what files types are supported?

If you want to import from V-Ray, you can import .vrmat, .vrmesh, .abc and .vrscene formats (Import Proxy or V-Ray Scene). V-Ray will also recognize imported objects and materials in SketchUp (see File > Import).


For general questions you can use the V-Ray Help.