Vray lightmix strange lights

I use lightmix when rendering my scene in vray.
Result is very strange:
I have only sunlight in my scene,
Yet in vfb lightmix layer - I get almost 50 lights called “Lamp post 001”.
Attached below is fhoto of my Vray lights definitions + lightmix recieved.
Why do I get all of these lamp post 001?
What are they?

ok, I’m shooting in the dark here, but it looks like in the background you have a city. any chance the lamp posts are in the streets ? :upside_down_face: The fact they are all copies, it feels like the attribute is part of a component / group that has been duplicated all over the city.

They might be invisible or masked, but they would still appear as part of the file. you could have a look at your outliner panel, or activate hidden objects.

Other than that, without having a look at the actual skp file, it’ll be hard to give more than an uneducated guess :slight_smile:

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How did you know ??? :grinning:

YES. There is a city behind.
Yes there are street lamps. I almost forgot they are there because they hardly seen. very little.
There are 26 of them, each one has 2 lamps.
That is why I have 52 in light mix.

The street lamps are models from V-ray Cosmos.

So thank you very much for your post.

Yet there is a question - why don’t I see them in the V-ray lights setting?
Is it because they are from Cosmos?

I attach a photo.

Thank you so much

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and if you click ‘Merge’


Thank you very much :innocent:
Now I understand.