Vray incomplete rendering hiding some parts

Hi i have a model and im rendering with vray. In the model the complete model is render just leaving the flower in the model. What should i do to render complete modelflower pot.skp (1.6 MB)

Hello! It renders just fine for me. Can you post a screenshot, showing what you’ve got?

File is attached u can c in ur view u have red flower. but in my case there are no red flowers. Only pot and green leaves. (And One more think i have notice original file in sketchup u can see the flower are bigger and in ur final image flowers are to smaller.)

You don’t suppose it has anything to do with the way the materials are applied to the flowers, do you?

The material is applied to the larger group of flowers instead of to the faces.

When I render in KT, I get the following:

I have made that plant from 3D tree plugin and want to render it with vray i got that result without flowers. What i have to do can u tell me plz to get a perfect result.

i have got some solution to the flowers. I removed the color and texture from the flowers and added new texture and color to it and i got the result

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There you go and you solved it for yourself.

Ok, I figured this out. The flower texture from 3D Tree Maker plugin is messed up. It has a transparency, which is why V-Ray renders it invisible, hence the small flowers.

But watch what happens when I explode all the flowers. You can explode the flowers, so they are not components and just group them.

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Check inside your grouped objects. They should be in layer that is on (not off).