Vray Edge Texture Renders Hidden edges on Soap Bubble Geometry

I’ve been trying to create an 80s Old-Timey Tron look on some 3D text I’ve made. I drew some text, traced it in illustrator, saved it as a .dwg file, imported it into Sketchup, and used the Soap Bubble extension to create my geometry.

I applied the Vray Edges texture to the geometry but for some reason it is also applied to the hidden geometry even though the hidden geometry check-box is not checked. At first I thought it was something wrong with the texture, but I also applied it to a simple cube and it works on that. The only thing I can think of now is that perhaps Soap Bubble Geometry does not lend itself well to the Vray Edges texture.

Essentially all I want is the Sketchup style to be the texture. I don’t want the triangles I just want squares like in the screen shot below. Any ideas on my dilemma? Thank you.

You may need more net subdivisions before you ‘inflate’ you letters. That and also try ‘Softening’ faces. See comparison between 10 and 40 divisions and then pre-softened (left) and post softened (right).

Thank you, but I actually want the low poly look. If I could get it to render the edges in squares rather than triangles I was going to take it into after effects later and apply a glow to it to get that 80s neon 3D look. If I smooth it out and apply the Vray edges texture wouldn’t that make it worse?

You’ve given me an idea though. What if I smooth out the letters and just apply a grid texture on it… that might do the trick… Thanks again.