Vray doesn't render the texture

hi guys, I wanted to ask you if you could help me. I can’t find a solution. Why doesn’t vray render what you see on the screen? I modified the texture with the tool: texture-position, but when I render the texture it remains as I originally imported it. It is the first time that has happened to me and I don’t know how.
I am attaching a photo

I can confirm that this isn’t a bug and that VRAY isn’t registering your texture position change.

There is a way to position (ie rotate, scale, etc) the texture in the VRAY asset editor but the quicker way to fix would be to right-click the texture and choose ‘make unique texture’

Let me know if that helps.

hi, thanks for the reply. Now vray renders at the right size, but not in the right position. Practically it doesn’t render what I see on the screen. Is there a solution??

First, sorry if my kind of problem was already solved on forum, I didnt find it. Second....my problem is about color and texture. I have try to modify render options, but I couldnt. The colors are very “strong, loud, solid” and I need to be more pleasant…if you understand…
I’m looking to know why the colors are so dark in render and looks normal and natural in sample…for example the green material…
This is the first time when I used 2019 Sketchup version and Vray next.
Can anyone help me, please?
Thank you!

Ada, see in Diffuse if the link to the texture is valid, if not, re-link it.

Your chair has a texture, a jpg file, but because you imported it from elsewhere (3dwarehouse, most likely), the link is no longer valid. If it does not have the correct link to the texture (JPG file), it appears in a darker color when you render it.

I showed you how it is in Twilight Render, but the principle is valid for other rendering program as well, like V-ray.

You should open your own thread because your problem is different from that of the OP (original poster).

@mihai.s, thank you! (mulțumesc :slight_smile: )
I ve re-linked the texture (was invalid because I ve change the location file), and now it look a little more lighter… But, in rest, the hue colors are still the same “solid”…
I posted again in a new thred (I think)…I don`t know if is a thread or a topic…
off…how romanian says.

Cu plăcere, Ada!
Have you tried to resize the texture in the material panel?

Maybe @eric-s will give you some extra advice on the settings in the vray.

I don’t know where your new thread (topic) went missing. :thinking:

Can you upload or PM me a link to your model so I can take a closer look as it seemed to work on my wood floor example?

See gif (too big to upload here) for process I use which seems to work ok even without ‘making unique texture’:

…and a happy New Year!
I solved the problem! I decreased the shutter speed option to 100, and now my renders looks more natural and lightly.
Now, I think that I have another problem with the vray lights. I don’t know if its okay or I have to check some options, but if I insert a new light, a sphere light for example, it appear like a group of lines instead an object. It is normal? In the other version that I used, the sphere light apears like a sphere…

Thank you all!

Hi…and happy new year!
This is totally normal. That’s the way the sphere light displays by default (in the new version). In case you’d like to see the sphere, you can activate the “Enable solid widget” option from the vray-utilities toolbar.

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