VRay Diffuse Material loading Oversaturated/Bright

I’m working on an interior rendering project, and am having an unusual issue. The diffuse material map shows correct in the sketch up tool bar, but is showing and rendering very bright and oversaturated in the vray buffer window. I have tried creating new materials, and each iteration still has the same result. Any ideas?

Have you modified the material in SketchUp or is it using the texture with its default values?

I haven’t modified the material in SketchUp. Even when creating a new default material with any texture, it appears oversaturated or extremely bright.

I figured out the issue.

The image texture color mode was CMYK, not RGB. I changed the color mode in photoshop, and it corrected the issue.

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The RGB primaries are set to RAW also, they should be srgb or rec709 (I can’t remember what options you’ll have)