View model from email link


I just want to view a sketchup model created by someone else. I have an email link for a model. I do not want to edit in anyway, in fact i do not want to be able to edit in any way. Is this possible? How do i do it? I was able to view it in trial mode but that has expired now. Do I need to purchase Pro? Can I just use Viewer?


Your profile says you are using Sketchup Free (Web) if so you can open it there.
Go to Downloads and install the Viewer.


That is what I need help with. If I try to open it in Free web or viewer it wants me to select a file. I don’t have a file, just an email link. If I download the email link It wants me to purchase Sketchup pro because my free trial has expired. Maybe I need to turn the link into a file somehow?

I appreciate any assistance you can give.


If you downloaded it then you have a file to open. It’s probably in your Downloads folder.
Find that file and open it either with the viewer or the web version.


HaHa, Brilliant. I knew i was missing something simple :slight_smile: Thanks very much.