Videos won't play

I am getting sound but I can’t go full screen with the picture and the picture does not seem to be advancing with the sound. I have just uploaded the program to my iMac and everything else seems to be working but I can’t watch the video tutorials until this bug is fixed.

Which videos specifically?

The tutorial videos. Starting with #1

Do you mean this video? It opens to full screen just fine for me.

I tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac, and IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows 10.

Firefox on Mac seems to have the problem you describe, so if you are using that you may need to use Chrome or Safari instead.

IE wouldn’t do full screen correctly.

In all 7 cases the controller at the bottom has position problems.

Worked for me on current versions of:
Mac Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Win 10 Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Firefox flickers at times on Mac for ANY youtube you watch.

Yep, that’s the video and I can watch it just fine with that link. BTW I am using Safari 10.0.3

fresh Chrome — works well

Well I use Safari and if your program doesn’t work with Safari I won’t be using it! Sure glad I didn’t invest in your other pricey programs.


Stuart Reid
Fisherman in Training

Which is an [u]Apple[/u] product, …

… meaning the tutorial videos hosted on Vimeo, which is a [u]IAC[/u] product, …

[quote=“MrRules, post:9, topic:40549”]
… doesn’t work with Safari I won’t be using it![/quote]

Why would you hold Trimble Navigation responsible for another company’s products (and failures) ?

(Your mode of thinking is like saying we should charge you with auto theft because your neighbor down the street stole someone’s car.)

I’m not sure what “other pricey programs” means ? But, the world will not end if you decide not to use SketchUp.

I’d just ask that if you have issue with how the Vimeo site or the vimeo javascript player works, (or does not work,) then take your complaints to Vimeo, or the Apple Safari project.

Also, you may not be aware the SketchUp team has tutorial videos posted to their YouTube channel. The YouTube player (I think is Flash-based and ) might work for you on Safari:

There is an old saying,… “Give credit where credit is due.

But the inverse is also true.

If you are to fire off critiques, make sure your firing in the correct direction.

@MrRules, You’ve missed the target twice above (at least.)

Hi Dan,
Well your program doesn’t seem to work with Safari, and maybe that is Safari’s fault, but if this is a known issue you should let folks know ahead of time instead of blaming the player. I won’t be bothering you again.


Stuart Reid
Fisherman in Training

But nothing. You are terribly misinformed. It is not a program. They are just video files.

It is not MY program. I do not work for the company (Trimble, currently) that owns SketchUp.

You are overreacting based upon your incorrect assumptions. But that’s okay.
Good luck learning and using other harder to use modeling applications. :rolling_eyes:

Again assuming this is a “known issue”.
(Perhaps it is unique to your machine ? Have you kept Safari up to date ?)

Are any other Mac Safari users having issues playing the SketchUp Vimeo tutorials ?

Note that @Barry (above) tested successfully in 3 browsers on the Mac platform.

I also reported after testing on seven browsers.

BTW, he is using the most recent publically available version of Safari.

Yes, I see the controller toolbar position problem also on Chrome but only whilst in Full Screen mode.

But again this is a Vimeo javascript player issue. (It is Vimeo’s responsibility to fix this.)

It is ridiculous to not use an application 1, because some other company 2 has software that does not work, especially when company 1 has no control over company 2 or software 2.

Most especially when there is an alternate company that is hosting the videos for SketchUp: