Demo video alignment in Safari


The video in this page:

has a black bar when viewed in Safari, pushing some of the bottom of the video out of view. It works ok in Chrome, and the Flash Player version in Firefox only has a one pixel black bar along the top, so is ok too.


it works fine on Safari for me, showing aspect ratio masking in the normal window but expanding to full screen if selected…

or do I miss-understand…


Here’s what I see.

I’m in Safari 9.0.1, if that’s important.


It may be a YouTube setting i.e. are you not using the html5 player…

a right click should show this…



The YouTube version is fine, I’m talking about the embedded in the page version, which is using the HTML5 player. I’m sure a Flash Player version would be fine, like it is in Firefox.


how do you get to it in SU?
I never have…


I don’t, I was looking at the web page.


so was I then [embedded page], I assumed you where looking at an embedded SU version…

do you have Silverlight plugin installed. it can screw things up royally…


I do have Silverlight, but removing it doesn’t help. Not sure why it would affect the HTML5 player anyway.


[quote=“colin, post:9, topic:17692”]
Not sure why it would affect the HTML5 player
[/quote] nor am I, but it doesn’t play friendly in my experience…

do you see the html window on right click?

I’m also on safari 9.0.1 btw, so the issue is curious…


I’m seeing almost the same as Colin. The Youtube control stuff is off the bottom of the window and inaccessible. If I drive it full-screen via double-click, the controls are visible there.


Yes I see that menu, that’s how I was able to get to the YouTube version.