Full Screen Mode in Video Tutorials?


The button on the bottom right of your videos that “I BELIEVE” should put the video into and out of full screen mode does not change the video size. I cannot see the video clearly in the default size. How do I go to full screen mode in the tutorial videos?


Could you provide a link to the video tutorial(s) giving you problems. I tested a few of them on the SketchUp site with Chrome and they go to full screen with no problem.




That works full screen for me in FF, perhaps you need to install silverlight, or some other browser plugin.


Works full screen for me in Chrome and Internet Explorer.


works flawless in recent Fx v41.0.2 f. Windows, Flash/Shockwave/Silverlight is not required.



It says Silverlight is a prerequisite on Safari for mac at least…



@Barry, this ‘learn’ facility is really broken on mac…

I just installed the latest Silverlight [against better judgement] …
After juggling permissions, as an admin I can now watch the small version, but can’t close the tab, or go full screen…
It throws loads of errors in the dev log and on occasion requires quitting Safari to escape…
WHY, insist of silverlight that requires installing an unstable plugin from a questionable source?

If there’s a way to avoid it please let everyone know…



Yea, we’re not responsible for that side of things, but I’ll mention it to them. As you heard from others, FF & Chrome work fine. Safari and IE don’t work full screen for me. Silverlight on Mac is something I’ve tried to avoid for years, and we shouldn’t be requiring that.


I am actually using MS Edge.


MS Silverlight for Apple Safari… jehova-jehova