Very new user! Why does my model suddenly only show an outline?


I’ve just begun using Sketchup for Web. Everything seemed to be fine until I took a break, and came back, suddenly my models are appearing as outlines rather than 3D shapes. I tried starting a new model, but it’s still an issue as whenever I select a tool it immediately switches to the outline. Images below will hopefully explain!


Looks like you’ve changed the face style to Wire Frame.


Thanks for replying so quickly and offering help! Sorry If I’m being really slow. I’ve started a new model, it looks like I’ve got the the correct style selected, but I’m not sure?


What do you get if you try other styles?

What is the graphics card in your computer? What OS version? What browser are you using?


Just realised I’m replying to the same person in two threads! I think the issue is probably my computer, as it’s quite old and I’m having trouble with a few programs at the moment. I’ve found a couple of alternative apps for the iPad (though neither are perfect) until I replace my computer. Thanks for trying to help though.


Probably time to start squirreling away your shekels so you can get a new machine.


Totally! I’ll hopefully be back in a few months with a brand new machine (:slight_smile: