Versions Of SketchUp Make Compatible with Windows 7 64 Bit

Are SketchUp Make versions 13 and 14 compatible with Windows 7?
Any other versions compatible with Windows 7. I ask as am watching some YouTube tutorials and he uses SketchUp Make 2013. I want to follow along on another computer Using a version of SketchUp Make that is visually the same as SketchUp 13. Where can I download a suitable version?
Thank you.
Ps I did try to introduce myself several times but didn’t get anywhere.

There was never a 64-bit version of SketchUp before SketchUp 2015 but 32-bit versions of SketchUp will run on 64-bit Windows 7. You should install the current version of SketchUp instead of installing an old, unsupported version. Functionally they’ll work the same.

When you say, " Functionally they’ll work the same. " You mean the visual layout, tool bar icons etc are all the same in same location?

The toolbar location is customizable and you can choose which toolbars are displayed. The icons may have a very slight difference in appearance but not so much that you can’t tell what they are. It doesn’t make much sense to get hung up on toolbar locations shown in tutorials. You should learn to use the program and decide where you want the toolbars to be for you.

OK I’m with you, thanks for that.