Can't download sketch make

Hello there,

I need Sketchup make for my uni course, I tried to download it on my Windows tablet but the website says that I need to download the 32-bit version which I cannot find anywhere!

Someone please help!

The version 2017 of Make doesn’t exist as a 32-bit version.

Try a link from here for SU Make 2016 32 bit - afaik that’s the last SU version for 32 bit Windows.

if it’s a prerequisite for your course, you should request the University’s IT department supplies you with the ‘course relevant’ version and or a compatible computer…

if your running an older version, on an older OS, you may have issues with producing the ‘deliverables’ required…

it’s your future, don’t settle for second best…


It’s the tablet I have, I don’t think the graphics card is good enough for the 64-bit version. I do have the latest version on my laptop but wanted a version to work with on the go

Just downloaded the 32 version, doesn’t work to well on the tablet I have, I think I just have a sucky tablet!
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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