Download 32 bit version of Sketchup Make

I have downloaded Twilight Render2 Hobby and have tried to load it as an extension. The response is that it needs a 32 bit version of Sketchup. I have a 64 bit machine and a 64 bit version of Sketchup Make.
How can I download a 32 bit version?
Will it be different than my current 64 bit version, or will it automatically replace/overwrite my current 64 bit version?
Will a 32 bit version work just fine on a 64 bit machine?

Unistall the SU 64-bit. Install the 32-bit version. It will work fine on 64-bit machines.

For Make editions (English only) go to this page:

For Pro editions and latest Make edition (all languages) go to:
* Note, SketchUp Make 2017 and higher is only 64-bit !

It will look and feel the same, but it cannot use as much memory as the 64-bit edition.

It is advisable to uninstall the previous edition first.

What would be far more sensible would be to go back to Twilight and Download the 64bit version instead of the 32 bit one that you downloaded.

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Thanks, Box - i did find the 64 bit version of Twilight on their website and successfully downloaded it. it is now on my toolbar and I’ll start exploring…thanks to all for your help.