Version 8? How to get?

New to SkUp and ignorant about getting the right version, 8. I want to import stuff to Bentley Microstation CAD but the current SkUp version is not accepted, while version 8 is ok. How do I get it? There does not seem any “save as” or “legacy” mode switches. Thanks for any help, Ingo9

File > save as and choose the options to select the older version

Are you using the free web version or SketchUp 2021 Pro? Your profile is confusing.

The web version will not do that… However you can download SketchUp Make 2017 (or most recent one and use the 30 days trial) from here:
Download All | SketchUp
… then you can save with that to any legacy version.

Thanks Dezmo,
SUp 2017 works for 3D-stuff downloaded, and if then saved as version 5 it will come up as a reference file in Bentley Microstation. Perfect!
Thanks again,

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