Vary Space In Dynamic Component



I’ve created scalable fence with adjustable space between pickets, the only problem is that I would like to have space between first and second picket different then the rest , is that possible with DC?.

.dynamic_batten.skp (71.9 KB)

Thank you in advance.



A couple of possibilities occur to me.

If the spacing is fixed, you could make the first and second picket one component, then have another component for the single picket you want to copy to fit the stretched length, and copy that the right number of times to fill the remaining length of the fence.

You could make one copy at 4cm, then another piece of code to copy the remaining pickets, again, the right number of times to fit the remaining space.

I’m not very experienced in DCs, so others may have better ideas, and I haven’t time now to try either in detail. Sorry


This works.
X =(COPY*(fence_one!space+LenX)) + (Smallest(copy,1)*(fence_one!firstspace-fence_one!space))

Because the first copy is 0 it will start at 0 rather than a negetive number resulting in a smaller starting width.

dynamic_batten.skp (83.3 KB)


Thank you very much, that really make me :smiley: