Variation of dimensions when inserting component with cut openning

Hello, it is the first time I write here I just found out about the existence of this place. Greetings to all, I have read very interesting things and I am going to tell you about my problem, which arises when I visit the forum and download the file “metric holes” which is a joy … I am creating a DC for kitchen furniture. A “standard piece” that has all the possibilities of the cabinet … Height, width, thickness, edging … but it turns out that I saw @pcmoor metric holes program and I would like to integrate that option but it modifies the dimensions of a piece: “corpo” I don’t understand what the problem may be. pezafuck.skp (229.5 KB)

groups must be used care as they can lead to scaling problems if not built with same scale factors. Whereas components have an option to scale definition
So I scale the raw geometry to the match, then got the “moble_babco” back in sync, changed “corpo” to component.
Generally best to use components, just that groups when exploded do not leave residue to be purged, so base level groups can be useful.

side fix.skp (316.7 KB)

Thanks a lot!! has had a solution. I usually work with groups within components because of opencutlist, to have an easier breakdown. But I’m going to rethink this. thanks @pcmoor