Can a DC scale its copies dynamically?

I have worked out the theory of what I need to make so I can progress with my DC.

Is it possible to make something like this using the Copies attribute in a DC? Or should I look for a different approach?

I see I have overlooked something in my previous example, here’s an updated one…

If the Base dimension drops below 60mm there should be no hole.
The Base dimension will never exceed 300mm.

yes you can use copies and change their size, position, etc, however internal copies lead to file bloat, as they are all unique, so for numbers< 100, maybe <1000 for simple shapes; probably okay
another problem is the report writer does not recognize different sized copies. so data must be processed and held in the parent that’s not copied.
is this the limit of the copies? just one?

an example of cladding
building.skp (66.7 KB)

The limit of the copies is 6 at most but is very uncommon for what this drawing will be used for.
The issue with your answer is, I forgot to mention that all the holes need to scale automatically based on the Base dimension.

To copy a “hole”, you create a cutting object then copy this manually then make them a cutting component, then delete the copy, so end up with a single cutting component within a cutting component.

Used nested if conditions to nominate the number of holes, made them even with the 5mm added to the left side holes first
Used ceiling and floor functions to get the 0.5cm
Made the difference even to sides and space between holes, you can modify
max of seven holes (six copies)

cutting hole copies.skp (32.3 KB)

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The holes do not have the exact behaviour I was looking for but I think I can make this work :slight_smile:

Judging from the formula’s @pcmoor used… the end result will be a bit tricky to accomplish…

Thanks for the reply!