DC scaler for material does not work for copies

Hi, I created a DC with scaler for not to scale the material. It works fine. but when I created a copy of that DC, that copy is messing up when I change the dimensions. Is there any solution for this?

can you post the DC?

drawers with scaler.skp (7.5 MB)
It’s not completed yet. but you can check it for the drawer face area. When the no of drawers=1, It’s working perfectly. But when the no of drawers more than 1 and when you adjust the drawer width, the copy is messing.

When you have copies of a component with a scaler inside they dont quite work as expected. They wont update they’re lengths as youd expect.
A workaround i have found is to set custom function ‘active’. Using ‘onclick’ set(active,0,1) then copies can reference this attribute ie 0 copies or desired n.
Setting to not active when scaling etc and when ready set to active. And instances will be sane size as theyre definition