V-Ray - Why carpet disappears if I render with GPU?

Hi everybody.

My graphics card is Geforce GTX 750 Ti 2GB OC and I’m trying to follow this tutorial https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/Materials+QuickStart

If I render using CPU it looks ok but I don’t understand why the carpet disappears if I render using the GPU, here’s an example with bad quality.

For the left side I used this:

For the right side I used this:


Thanks in advance.

what version of Vray is it?
could you post the scene file?

Hi @bifterx, it is Next 4.0.

On a GPU render the geometry compilation. is loaded directly into video memory.
Open the messages window from the VFB and follow the process, see if you spot some errors.

OK, found it.
Next will not render fur unless a material is applied to the base material or a material to the fur object on GPU. This may be a bug, Ill report it.
try it out, just stick the chair material on the rug.

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Actually, this appears just to be related to a scene created in an older version of sketchup & VRay.
works fine in a new scene with no material applied.

@bifterx, great, it was that, thank you so much, good investigation.
I was trying to avoid asking more questions so I didn’t write this message till I figured out what flur was and how to apply it, thanks.