V-ray frame buffer load image not working

When I try to load an image from the computer to the frame buffer, nothing happens.
The file which I am trying to load is a PNG file.
When I try JPG it works OK.
Is it possible to load only JPG files to the frame buffer?
How can I solve it?
V-ray Next for Sketchup.

For me, it loaded PNG fine. Are you choosing PNG from the ‘options’ then choosing that as your file type?

YES, but it is not loaded.
Is there any youtube tutorial that shows exactly how this is done?

OK. I think that I have found the problem.
I have used another language as the library name. V-ray doesn’t like it.
Trying to load from desktop is perfect.
Any way, thank you very much for trying to help.
And by the way - It looks very nice the model that you have put it’s picture here.
Is it a building that you are planning?

Glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing your solution. I loaded mine from the desktop. V-Ray is sensitive to directory locations, names, links, etc so that’s good to keep in mind for later.

The model I’m working on is a demo file for some educational training content I’m working on for our SketchUp Campus.

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I didn’t know this link before.
I will keep following it from now on !!! :innocent:
Thank you very much for sharing it !!
I am waiting for your model to appear :grinning:
Will it contain V-ray process?

Is there a way to configure that V-ray JPG files can be saved in Hebrew path library?
I have a lot of these. It is too much work to change.
I never had this problem in V-ray 3.

That’s a question for Chaos Group. Post on their forum. I’ll check with a contact I have and let you know if I find anything out.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it !!