[V-Ray] Can't render lamp from 3DWarehouse

I’ve added this lamp to my SU bedroom model:

but it’s invisible on the render (I’m using V-ray extension). Only bulb is ok, but the rest of the lamp is simply not there. I’ve tried to change materials but it didn’t help.

How can I fix it?

put some surfaces in it: it’s just wire-frame lines with a bulb.

(Select all the lines, then use Draw | Sandbox | from contours - then you just need to tidy it a little bit.)

I guess it’s not good solution, I want this lamp to look like this:
not like this:

In that case, you need to actually place some “wire” around the lines - just draw a circle of the desired thickness and use the “follow me” tool for each of the lines. (I’m sure there is a plugin that would help)