V-Ray // Batch rendering always saves the same scene

Hi! I need help :frowning:

batch rendering with v-Ray doesn’t work.

The problem is that the renderings get saved, but it’s the same first scene for X times.

I tried to make it work in different ways:

  • in SU, disable Scene transitions and put scene delay = 1-> doesn’t work;
  • in SU, the opposite, enabled scene transition=1 sec, delay=0 -> doesn’t work;
  • in SU, scene transition= many seconds (20, 30…), delay=0 -> works for small renderings, doesn’t work with 1500x800 renderings;

how to solve it?


  • I need to save renderings with 4 elements
  • I usually deal with 150MB models
  • 4/5 scenes for each model

thank you!

Do you use the right icon?

Yeah sure :frowning:

Can you upload the .skp file here?
Does it also happen on a fresh new SketchUp file? Please test it with default V-ray settings as well.
Also check this: V-Ray Batch Render

I tried V-Ray Batch Render in empty file, and everything is working. Some times when I have large files, I do tests in empty files to save time.

Ok I’ll try with an empty file.
Which options do you use? delay, animation etc.?
Thank you so much

Hi there,

have the same problem since days. Before I start the batch I try with low resolution and everything works fine. When I start the Batch Render with output settings like 1600x900px the result is the same like Mart´s. Several saved files with different names but all the same frame.

I´m glad I´m not the only one with this issue. Any ideas?


I’m starting to wonder if it’s a v-Ray for Mac issue (I just saw you’re working on a Mac as well)

Everything is at default works fine for me (changing parameters works as well).
There might be a bug regarding MACs though. Consider creating a topic in official V-ray forums, so you’ll more likely get a response from the developers.

True that. Seems the problem is on the Vray for Mac side. I hope the Chaos Group thinks so too :wink:

Thanks anyway

I’ve written to them too, let’s see what they will answer.

How big are your models?

The italian reseller of V-ray told me that models > 150MB could be too much for V-ray to handle.
I’ve actually tried rendering a single component (10MB) and it works with no animation and delay = 0.

I’m wondering if using proxy elements I could manage to render the scenes I deal with (I need many objects, I can’t change that).

And for anyone reading, how big are your models you render with batch rendering in Windows?

In my case everything is working with (Scene delay “0”, enable scene transitions OFF). Before starting Batch Render i recommend to restart SketchUp, because some times it crashes.

Does the project use Two-Point Perspective or Perspective?

If it is Two-Point Perspective, can you change it to Perspective and see if this resolves the issue.

It uses Perspective, so that’s not the point :frowning:

Right, my scene is 258 MB big. So that seems the reason. This is sad, because there is little scope to decrease the size, I think. It is a simple interior with lots of faces from molds. I´ll try to decrease the size by using proxies. I´ll let you know if this works.

I have several files that rendered just fine in Vray 2. Is it the case that a file upwards of 100mb is not going to render in Vray 3? That’s a big problem! Has that been the best answer so far? Guess it’s over to the Vray place to find out more!

I just tested it on a default scene with a single person in it and the batch render worked fine. My file I need to render is vastly more complex…

I’m using Vray 3.6 on a new Windows machine, pretty good graphics card, decent amount of memory, pretty good processor.

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