UX: Tool instructor link style



The link in the tool instructors appears much more like a heading than a link. It’s not until you hover it you can actually see its a link with the underline appearing. The header-like appearance also looks really odd when spanning two rows. Lastly, using the wording “Click here” or “Click to[…]” is a super big no-no. Just don’t do it. Ever.

I suggest making the link actually look like a link by making it blue, underlined at with the same size as all other paragraph text and of course drop the “Click to” part.

An alternative would be to not go for the link appearance at all but re-use the “?”-icon used in other places of the UI. To the end user it’s not obvious that the instructor shows a local web page so it might be better to rely on the graphical language of the rest of the application than the one used on the web. In that case the icon could be vertically aligned with the tool named and horizontally aligned to the right.

Lastly I must say the change change in text color in general is an improvement both for usability, accessibility and visual appearance. Keep these up this good work!