UX Research Question: Accessibility Settings

SketchUp’s UX/UI team is working on some design concepts to provide a visual cue for tools that have the capability to pre-lock an inference … and we have some questions we hope will drive the design direction - but we need YOUR help!

Curious minds would like to know:

Do you customize your Accessibility Settings? And if so - what drives you to change the default settings?

(Mac: SketchUp > Preferences > Accessibility)
(Win: Window > Preferences > Accessibility)

And for bonus points - how do you currently ‘discover’ which tools support the capability of pre-locking an inference?

I changed the red axis to RGB: 255, 51, 82 and the blue axis to RBG: 40, 144, 255.

I kept the green axis as default.

Discovering pre-locking - if it’s a new feature then from this forum from the SketchUp Team.

If it was an existing pre-locking feature that I wasn’t aware of then from this forum and also I think the SketchUp Doh book.

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I never change defaults as I do too much teaching, things need to look the same in tutorials, the student can change if they want.
Trial and error and release notes.

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Never changed them accept for demonstrating, we do have a few clients that need them and where very positive about it, though.
As for the pre-locking feature, currently there is no clue whatsoever present in the UI. We do have a section in our course about inferencing and locking planes up front and that part usually triggers some ‘doh’ moments from students that have started learnig on their own at first.
Typically, when a model becomes somewhat more complex and you start navigating and orbiting, one looses the world-axes and you don’t know if you need to draw the edge in the red or green direction, until you click and start moving the mouse, not in advance.
Depending on the size of a group or component -to-edit, the internal axes of that object helps, of course, but it would be nice if we had some clue ( Crosshairs that have a thicker axe of the pre-locked direction, for instance)

The Crosshair is a preference setting and has infinite lengths of the axes, maybe a shorter version could be helpful.

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