Using Sketchup to help with optimization of freehand drawings

I find that freehand drawing is just not in my skillset. But, using Sketchup, if one makes a rectangular surface then adds a little pushpull to make it a solid and saves it as a group. Well, if one takes the polyline tool, one can draw on a surface of that rectangular solid. And since it’s a surface, the line is forced to stay in the 2D plane of that surface. This means if one is careful to connect lines then the areas bounded by the lines become discreet. Then one can use push-pull to add a little thickness to the whole drawing and to add individual adjustments (if needed) to the thickness of parts in the drawing. Then one can import this drawing that one made (because it now exists as a 3D object) into a 3D rendering program. Then (if one needs to) one can adjust the colors, and the lighting, and the camera view, and the sub-properties of the colors (as materials) of the drawing. And one can do these adjustments as independent variables in the sense that (for example) one can change the lighting without having to redraw the whole image…Yay! Or (for example) one can alter the camera view, then alter the color of one area and one can do these steps one by one, each time again not being required to re-draw the image. Yay! again I wanted to make a face for a PopSocket and I can’t draw. But I could take my sketch of a face and make that face sketch into a much more presentable face in the manner described above. Here’s the YouTube of me doing this. What fun! I attached the Sketchup 2D rendering of the face and also the YouTube where I show all this.