Using nested components to reference layers

I am trying to build a garden that shows the passage of time in two week intervals.

I have 24 layers, each representing the first and second half of each of the 12 months of the year. My goal is that each layer will show a snapshot in time of where the vegetables are in their growth.

For a sample vegetable, I will use swiss chard. Chard takes 60 days to mature, so I have four (4) unique components:
chard_15, chard_30, chard_45 and chard_60
Each component represents two weeks of growth.

I then nested those four components into a component “Chard” that represents the whole 60 day growth cycle of the vegetable.

I would like to be able to insert a copy of “Chard” and assign it a layer that will be the reference point for the components nested inside of it.

If each layer is numbered 1 through 24 representing two week intervals, then April 15th would be “9.” I want to insert component “Chard” on layer “9” (April 15th), to represent planting on that date. Rather than editing the layer info on each of the four nested components, I would like “chard_15” to add one to the layer “Chard” is inserted on, “chard_30” to add two, “chard_45” to add three and “chard_60” to add four.

Cannot seem to find how to do this, and would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance!

Maybe you can make use of the shadows settings.
You can let the growth of the veggie be dependant on sunangle() in a Dynamic Component.
If a 60 day cycle is requested, some math is required, but doable. If the model is not geolocated, the Boulder settings are being used.
I like the idea!

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