Using follow me tool on more than one group at once

Is there a way to let more than one group follow the same line at once with the Follow Me tool?

Right now I select the line that needs to be followed and click on ‘edit group’ to let the group follow the line. But I have to do this for a lot op groups that need to follow the same line. So I wonder if there is a simple way to perform this trick on many groups at the same time.

If the profiles are the same, use compoents instead of groups. Otherwise, Follow Me is one path and one profile at a time.

If they aren’t groups but separate raw geometry you can make them all one follow me by adding a face that contains them all. Then delete the outer face.
But that needs to be fairly specific.
For example


Box, that is a very neat trick. I have to remember that one. :+1:

I remember @jean_lemire_1 mentioning tricks like these.

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They are all different profiles. I’ll have to let them follow one by one I guess. Thanks!

Unfortunately they’re all different profiles linked to eachother (they need to touch). But I will remember this trick!

Box liked that trick. When you think about it seems so logical. But I doubt if I would ever have thought of it.

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