Use SketchUp to replace AutoCAD, Revit and Plant 3D, etc.?


What a chance to use SketchUp to replace AutoCAD, Revit and Plant 3D in industrial and ICI projects?


Bill Wang P.Eng.
Diacreek Engineering Inc.


I don’t know what means an ICI project but with SketchUp Pro + SketchUp Layout + Dibac you will go forget Autocad and Revit.

There is others plugins for increase productivity of SketchUp like BuildEdge, Skalp, Condoc, etc.


ICI is an abbreviation which may mean **I**ndustrial, **C**ommercial, and **I**nvestment real estate, or simply, commercial real estate.


There are very good extensions to help you replace AutoCAD or Revit with SketchUp
I always worked with Vectorworks and we developed the Skalp for SketchUp plugin ( ) to replace VectorWorks with only SketchUp. Today the only software we use is SketchUp Pro in combination with a few plugins.


I think 4D Virtual Builder can be a strong candidate for this approach.

@Guy, can you say some plugins that your team use? Maybe can be useful for me too.