Use Sketchup SDK with XCode


I want to make a project in iOS, which will show 3D images of objects ( like in my app 3D image of bike or car, so everyone can see bike from all sides and directions).

So I am making It in XCode, in XCode I need .dae file for 3D images, So how can I use sketchup framework in xocde and make those 3D models in XCode.

I am new in iOS XCode

So please help, thx in advance :smile:

The SketchUp SDK contains an interface for reading and writing .skp files in external applications, as well as for writing binary importers/exporters for the SketchUp application itself. Since the SDK’s source is not completely open, it is only available for the x86 architecture (32bit and 64bit).

I fear you won’t be able to make use of it if you want to deploy your app on a mobile device with ARM architecture. If you are just looking for a Collada file reader/writer (and don’t need the .skp format), you can certainly find many alternatives.