Usability Suggestion for User Guide


This is by no means a bug, but more of a usability suggestion on how to make the User’s Guide more friendly.

The way it is now, if I wanted to read everything about how to use the Move Tool, I would go to the Knowledge Center / (Learn) User’s Guide / expand Modification Tools and click on the first topic under Move Tool. Once I’m in the subject I a) loose the navigation , and b) have no way to incrementally move forward or backwards within a topic.

My suggestion would be to a) keep the table of contents available in the nav and/or b) have a next / previous link similar to how it is used in the Concepts Guide.



Great suggestion. It seems incredible to me that the “manual” actually leaves you stranded on article pages unless you want to vist some dubious choices of “related” articles. No way even to get back to a Search box or the list of returns from your previous search except by using back space or starting over with a bookmark.


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Try the youtube playlists. It’ easier to come back to where you started.

Hello @drb1215,

We have some folks actively reviewing all the content, how it’s organized, and finding ways to make it better. I hope you stay tuned.


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This is good news! Can you share with us the projected timeline for completing the User Guide update?

[quote=“Barbara, post:3, topic:9713”]Try the youtube playlists. It’ easier to come back to where you started.

Not if you started on the Knowledge Base search page.


“Alt + ← / →”

Thanks, @sketch3d_de, that helps. Is that documented somewhere?



Well, those are OS generic shortcuts. As I said, one could use backspace or browser previous page, but those hardly qualify as a thoughtful structure for a manual or navigation provided as part of the manual interface. The whole point of this comment, I think, is how little user-oriented though and effort have been invested in this manual, starting with a logical organization of the material and a simple, accessible means to navigate up, down, and sideways within it.



of course, what else.

of course, never claimed.

Thanks AlexB! Looking forward to see what kind of improvements will be made.


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