Updating Sketchup Reference Models

Hello. I need to hear from someone who is familiar with the Nick Sonder videos - Specifically Video “Process 2 - Generating different drawing types from single model”. Nick explains that he uses several models in order to keep the scene count down in any one model - he has a site model, the main model, one for RCPs, one for elevations and one for sections. I reference time: 0:39-0:58. At 0:58 he states that these models are “static reference” models. Later while discussing the section model, he states that the only thing he edits is the section line work and at 3:41-3:43 he states that he updates this reference model when changes have been made in the main model. I did not think it was possible to have other models linked to one model so that if you make changes in your design model, it updates in the section model. Am I misunderstanding what I am hearing?

I am not familiar with the video, but I would guess that the “linked” models are inserted in the main model as components. SketchUp doesn’t automatically update these components when the original has been edited, but you can update them by right-clicking on them in the main model and selecting “Reload” from the context menu.


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Paul, I saw the same video and had the same questions. Did the reply rhat you got help you? I’m myself am still confused.