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Hi Guy,
In SketchUp what is best way to link or reference model between Architect and Structures model.
And can model change revision control?
Architect and Structures using SketchUp Native file

You might have to refine your question. It’s not obvious what you mean (to me, anyway).

I have two sketchup model - Architect and Structures
Now what is best workflow to coordination between these model?
In Revit you can using workset and link file? same workflow for Bentley is Refernce file
For SketchUp, I don’t no maybe reload component OR modeling all in one SketchUp file?
With Trimble Connect you only reference model???
But you cannot control visibility such as turn on/off Refernce model from TC? And in Layout how to?
I don’t know???

A nice way to deal with these kind of setups is to set up a Project in Trimble Connect and create some folders:

Upload the different ‘aspect’ models.

Than, inside SketchUp, open a model via [menu] File > Trimbe Connect > Open model.
You can publish edits and alteration via this menu, as well, they will update directly to the data in the cloud.

Any collaborator can now import these files inside their SketchUp model by using the Trimble Connect extension (or [menu] File > Trimble Connect…)

These imported refences can get a ‘main’ Tag for visibility, are locked and can be re-aligned all inside the Collaboration panel:

Each ‘Publish’ is stored inside the cloud as version history and can be made active again or downloaded:

If you wanna explore Options, you can also use the ‘Publish as’ option inside SketchUp:

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

I using SU2021 Trial version

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Sorry. I’m not your bro.

Dear @MikeWayzovski ,
I trying to import reference model from TC, but in SketchUp reference model I don’t see advanced attribute to control visibility and Tag can show by IFC map same your pictures. How I get these attributes?

They’re in the Tags inspector a little below inside your tray, no advanced attributes are shown in mine, either.
You can add advanced attributes in SketchUp, only, but not on reference models, only on the current model that you are creating or editing.
Thus, those need to be opened for editing, instead of being referenced.

However, SketchUp is just a modeler. Some attributes can be added with the ‘Classifier’ tool or Dynamic Components, some through the ‘Entity’ panel (Advanced Attributes) those will be shown in the 3D viewer in TC as well.

When uploaded or published in TC, you can then create your own dictionaries and add more data in the 3D viewer. These extra dictionaries would stay in the cloud and would not be visible when downloaded or referenced inside the SketchUp modeler.

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