Updating scene thumbnail keeps getting SketchUp stuck - really stuck!

I have a model in SketchUp Pro 2024 with about 20 scenes, which I need to update regularly for viewports in LayOut. For some reason, SketchUp cannot create thumbnails anymore now: The dialog informing the user about the thumbnail process appears and the status bar stops right at the beginning. The checkbox and the cancel button has no effect.

And what’s even worse (and I have never experienced this in MacOS X before): Even force-quitting SketchUp is not really successful! It takes forever too, or it behaves like SketchUp has bin killed, but there are still SketchUp processes running… even a restart was blocked due to the still running SketchUp processes.

The model is not huge IMHO (< 20MB). It’s an architectural model of a 3 story building, uses components wherever possible and has no complex shapes. And I’m working on what I would consider a fast Mac (a maxed out M2 Mac Book Air). So the only explanation I have for this is that SketchUp must be running some crypto miner in the background? :thinking::rofl:

Does anyone have some advice for me? Should I simply turn of the scene thumbnails because a 20MB model is more than SketchUp can handle?


Thanks for the post @uscheidegger. Without being able to look at the file I am only able to guess about a cause and I am fairly certain that other users will tell you the same. If you are willing to share the file, I am happy to take a look at it although I can not make any promises as to a resolution as this is an issue i have not seen before.

So the first question is, can you share the file? If not, we can still try and help you, it is just that our ability will be more limited in what we can do.

Hi @CaseyG
Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I could share the model here. However, the same way the problems started a few hours ago (I spent pretty much the whole afternoon killing and restarting SketchUp and my Mac :see_no_evil::rofl:), they also disappeared again.
In order to finish my work, I turned off the thumbnails. Now, that I’m done for today, I turned the thumbnails back un and they were created/updated pretty much instantly, just like this morning. The only difference to earlier in the day: I have almost no other software running.

So, since I cannot reproduce the problem anymore, sharing the model would be pointless.

Again, thanks for the help though!

Are you using the hardware as described in your profile?