Unreal Engine Does not show the tiny details that I've Implement in Sketchup when Imported

Hi, I have Sketchup Pro 2017. Whenever I Import a project .FBX file to Unreal Engine it Does not show the tiny details that ive Implement in Sketchup. Can anyone help me? I will share the images of my issue. Thank you.

Screenshot - 4ebb4b1871c77b4cfe9f0a86d1540651 - Gyazo Sketchup

Screenshot - b6b0df0513f3b1ecfd9520a04ad5f7e4 - Gyazo UE4

Hello, in both images, geometry seems similar to me ! if you feel like the details are not obvious enough, that would come from your renderer settings. adjust shadows and ambient occlusion to make those details come out !

It looks the same to me, remember the linework does not carry over so if you turn linework off in SketchUp you will get a better representation.

You might also want to look at the native importer for SketchUp via Unreal Datasmith too.