Uninstalling Vray from sketch up 2018

Hi everyone,
I’ve installed a trail version of Vray on my sketch up pro 2018. A couple of days ago it has expired. Although I’m so content of it, I can’t buy it for the moment… so I decided to uninstall it from my extension sector on sketch up. But the uninstall bottom isn’t activated…what can I do?
I already deleted all chaos files from application list on my mac.

Maybe this will help you



There is also one in the VLR Service folder, I am not sure if the one in the V-Ray folder will delete de VLR Service.

Thanks everyone. I can’t find the chaos group folder in my applications. Me myself deleted this folder… (I was convinced it will uninstall the vray…so wrong It was).
Now I don’t know how to proceed, any help?

You could install Vray again and then go through the correct Uninstall procedure.

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Thanks a lot, perfect.