[unexpected file format]

hi i have experience unexpected file format issue like previous users had mentioned in their topic. Can @colin help to resolve my model with his magic? Thanks alot!

This is the link to access my model:

I was able to recover the file:

There was one group named Group#87, that had problems and is now deleted. Hopefully it wasn’t too important.

Problem solved! Thanks alottt @colin !!! Is there any way we can detect and solve it ourselves if this issue happen again?

Where did that “Group#87” come from?

Where are you saving your files?

If you do have an earlier version of the file that still opens, I can check where Group#87 is used, and see what might be odd about it.

This is the link for the earlier version of the file. I’m not so sure whether the Group#87 is in the latest version or this earlier version because some amendments had been made for the design. Thanks again @colin for the help!

I have no idea as well. Might be a complicated line object. I saved my files in my laptop local discs. So still haven’t figure out what’s the matter…

Thanks. I see Group#87 in the older model. It only appears to be a window frame, or something like that. The old model also includes Gruppo#87, and many of the groups have an Italian version. Not sure if that matters.

Here is what Group#87 and Gruppo#87 look like. Do they seem familiar, and might they have been involved in recent changes?