Unexpected File Format - Recover please

塔楼su组件.zip (7.8 MB)
hi there, my files cant be open, it come out this unexpected file format. so anyone can recover my file ?

I couldn’t recover anything in the scene, but this has the materials and components recovered.

塔楼su组件_recovered.skp (9.0 MB)

Okay, it looks like it’s impossible to save :sob: :sob: :sob:, but thank you for your efforts!

The file is a lot smaller, so there may have been a lot of loose geometry in the scene, or perhaps grouped. Any components should be in the recovered file.

There seems to be nothing in the recovered file :sob:

There is nothing in the scene, but look in the Components and Materials trays.


Successfully retrieved most of the models! ! ! Thank you so so so so much,!!!this is what makes me most happy this month! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: