Unexpected file format error


The sketchup model i’ve been working on has the dreaded ‘UNEXPECTED FILE FORMAT’ error… Which i am not fond of at all, as you can imagine.
Is there any way to fix this? the .skb file is not opening as well and gives me the same error…

Please respond, it will save me alot of extra work if this can be fixed…

I do have been using Podium V2.5, i have never encoutered any problems with podium before though so i cant imagine this would be the problem…

Most likely not. When SketchUp concludes that a file is corrupted, it doesn’t give any diagnostic information about what problem(s) it found. Almost anything could be wrong. The file format is proprietary, so without violating license one can not even reverse engineer it to attempt a diagnostic or repair utility. Sorry…

You could attempt importing it into ‘Blender’ using the recent skp import add-on…

It may? bring in the uncorrupted bits…

uploading/attaching your SKP document would enable others to check.

Oh yes! i havent thought about that, i actually just noticed the upload button…
Well i’ve attached the file, i had to zip it up. 150504 sketchup familie Zeekant.zip (988.8 KB)

tried it with SU and another program to no avail, seems to be binary corrupt…

… further information concerning this issue here:

Thank you for the effort.
I have just taken my loss and have finished rebuilding the model this weekend.

Hi everyone, PLEASE PLEASE help me with this model! The SKB file is damaged… And the skp file never actually save anything… So my day of work depends on the Skb file that says “Unexpected file format error” if maybe anyone can fix the file! I’ll be eternally grateful! I1.skp (128 KB)

V35 RIDGEMOUNT 030615.skp (308.9 KB)
Hello All

I have just had a Bugsplat resulting in an autosave file which comes up with
unexpected flie format when I try to open it,

Can anyone help me to recover this file, or even try to explain why this happens.

I have been using SU8 since its release and have never had this happen before.

Also have recently had a problem with SU files taking a long time to load
Have run Thom toms toolbar fix and manually cleared the registry which ftxed
the problem except when I have my laptop connected to a second screen

Any thoughts on this?.

doesn’t open with SU v8/2015 and another application, you may want check if the backup file in SKB format (same folder) exists.

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I have Same Problem …
try every think without result

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can u help me ? my file is unexpected and my skp version is 2019 / im uploding in https://we.tl/t-3V7nP2cfkj