Unexpected file format! 2

I’m not able to open sketchup file. i get an Unexpected file format message. I do have a .skb file but its older.

Pls HELP!!! I had the exact same issue once again on another file. Why does this keep happening?

I was able to download the file from my Onedrive and the file was intact. The first file(2024_bedroom…skp) was not being synced to Onedrive.

Interesting post, even if you did delete it later!

Sorry that I didn’t see your original post. I did manage to get the file 2 hours before the WeTransfer link expired.

The file opens ok for me. I have saved a 2020 format file, to make sure there isn’t anything about the 2021 format that is leading to a problem. See if this file works for you too.

Sorry about that, Colin… I thought I was wind bagging the point, by basically saying the same thing in about 3 or 4 different ways.

I had intentions to come back here and restate my message in a more concise way, something that could fit within a single paragraph :slight_smile: … BUT, instead I discovered that you have already made some progress and are in middle helping him now. And that’s of course a better outcome than I could have hoped for… I hope that Muh218 is happy, and that you guys can get both files fixed up.