Unexpected file format 1907

hello everyone. i couldnt open my sketchup file. writing unexpected file format. plz help me.

Post the file here, or if it is too large, share it via the cloud.

now i will send from here.

Anssi could you look this drawing ?

It won’t open for me either. Maybe @colin 's superpowers might help…
BTW, update your profile - it contains some nonsense.

which nonsense ? :slight_smile: im not understanding. im will write @colin

And Anssi, i dont know how im writing @colin im new. sorry. and thank you for every your support.

That kind of version doesn’t exist. Are you still using Windows 7? Or MacOS 7? The latter was discontinued about 20 years ago.

Anssi may be referring to the system you are using, ‘7’. I’m guessing you mean Windows 7. SketchUp is already at the point that you get warnings when running in Windows 7 or 8. But that won’t have anything to do with whether the file is readable.

187 MB is on the large side for a SketchUp web model, and strangely it’s a SketchUp 2020 model. That aside, I could only recover some components and materials.

Open this file, the scene will be empty, and look in the Components in Model to see if there is anything of use.

Hi, I have the same problem, can you help me fix it?

thanks, can you help me?

You can see from my other messages that most times I can only recover components and materials. That’s the case for your file. Here is what I was able to get:

Thanks, why does opening the file show nothing? How to set it up? can you help me?

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Look at the components and materials folders of the default tray.