Undet VS Scan Essentials (Sketchup Studio)

Hi there,

I am an architect who has set up on my own during COVID and finally got the chance to attempt to use sketchup for full documentation after using it for years as a design tool before transfering to Autocad to prepare formal drawings.

I have also started using point cloud surveys to start building models and have been using Undet for Sketchup.

I have now heard about Sketchup Studio and for the same price as Undet I can get Scan Essentials as well as V-ray.

I was wondering if Scan Essentials is much the same as Undet or better or worse and if anyone has an opinion on what way to go forward!


Stephen Macaulay
YAM Architects

Scan essentials started by being much less than Undet, but it came a long way. It’s not on par with undet yet but it’s close. From the top of my mind, there’s still no automatic feature extraction, the modeling aid tools aren’t as robust and there’s no texturing from pointcloud. We’ve developed projects with both and both worked out for what we aimed for.

I can’t recommend one over the other as both work well, but if you want the most feature rich, I guess it’s still Undet.

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Hi Stephen, Sketchup offers a 30-day free trial and you can sign up and try out both Scan Essentials and V-Ray and then make up your mind? Undet offers a 5-day trial so you can also sign up and compare both products. At the end of the day, Studio is a package of different products that aims to cover more workflows for you, Undet is a standalone product that focuses on one specific use case for you. The other factors to consider are that Scan Essentials works with Sketchup native tools and has LayOut integration so basically you can export point cloud as pdfs as part of your deliverables.
Anyway give it a try and let us know what you think between Scan Essentials vs. Undet :grinning:

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I was forgetting about Layout. That is very useful indeed.