Scan Essentials as a Stand-Alone product/plugin

My request is to be able to purchase Scan Essentials as a Stand-alone plugin.

I work with film crews around the world, most recently on The Mother; the crew in the Canary Islands would send me (in Vancouver BC) Point Cloud scans of buildings (exteriors and interiors) to model so they could develop the set that would be built in them.

I don’t use V-Ray nor require a dedicated Revit Importer (Rhino is the 2nd most used software in our industry, in my region) so SU Studio is not a justifiable expense for the one product. I would buy/subscribe to Scan Essentials.

You could use Undet: Download Undet for SketchUp to create 3D models | Undet

Tried it a few years ago and found Scan Essentials to be a bit easier to use. Today I looked at the cost 89EU/month + Vat…yeah that’s doable for a very short term project. The 500EU/year is, wow; SU Studio would be the better buy.

I think Scan Essentials gives the right tools and would (hopefully) be current with each release of SketchUp. (This is looking at the direction Trimble says they want to go in making all their products communicate as a ‘Family’ of products. At least that was my take from the SketchUp Base Camp…)

Yes. SE would be closer to ~$33/month (upgrade to Studio). Pix4D has a monthly option (~$350) vs. yearly. It’s a trade-off. In places like Minnesota where I live, it’s impractical to use Pix4D during the winter months. I used to ‘rent’ Pix4D and Undet for those months I used them. Now I use SE (and not so much the big bucks photogrammetry software).