Unable to view / sketchup extension: 'Wikihouse'

Unable to view the extension within Sketchup’s in house extension manager? But I am able to find the Wikihouse Extension when i search for it in Google.

Logging into the sketchup extension warehouse also seems to be really buggy, anyone know any fixes for this?

  1. Cant find Wikihouse ext. within Sketchups extension manager.
  2. Is there a way to manually download / install it onto my machine?


Probably, but I’d really want to know why what and how before I bothered with an extension that hasn’t been touched by its author since 2013.

The extension appears to be removed. Odd.

wikihouse are moving to OpenSystemsLab

the link you provided is for the old ‘developers’ staging warehouse and shouldn’t even be seen by a google search…