Unable to find Edge Tools

Ive downloaded TT-Lib2 and Edge tools on my Mac but cant find Edge tools under the extension or tools bar!

You might have better luck if you look in the Tools menu and also in View>Tool Palettes. Also quit and restart SketchUp to make sure both TT-Lib and EdgeTools2 have loaded.

Thankyou, i’ve just tried all those and still no luck :cry:

Is Sketchup installed correctly?

Yes it is.

And you installed both through the Extension Warehouse panel in Sketchup’s Window menu.

I had to download also the Eneroth Face Creator and that is fine.

Yes I did.

Thankyou Dave for your help, it just appeared under tools!!! Maybe my internet connection is slow, it took over an hour to appear! But at least i know have it.

Once you’ve downloaded the files, you shouldn’t need an internet connection to make them work. At least they are there, though. Now go do some edge tooling. :wink:

lol im onto it!

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