Two changes to help work flow

Two things I lose time with when modeling in SketchUp, would like to see them changed.
• When I create a new scene, most often the text in the name field is not selected for immediate entering of scene name. I have to double click on text, “Scene 1”, to begin typing desired name. Seems like a small change that would improve work flow.
• Second issue happens when editing within a large group. There does not seem to be a way to close the group short of zooming out and clicking on space around model. I recall in VectorWorks that double clicking on the Select Arrow icon would close a group. Seems like a good change for Sketchup.

You’re right. Create the new scene in the Scenes panel and type in the desired name.

With the component/group open for editing press Escape to back out of edit mode. Or right click inside the component/groups but off the geometry and choose Close Component or Close Group from the top of the Context menu. Or set up a keyboard shortcut of your own for that.

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