Twisting a cable array


I am wanting to twist the conductors, and the inner cables within the cable assembly. This would make the drawing more realistic.

10x575.skp (1.5 MB)


First you need to learn about face orientation and making components.
You whole cable is raw geometry and most of it has reversed faces.
You should make the relevant wires and insulation as components that you can then repeat and build a cable.


Thanks for info

This was my first attempt at copying what would be a 2d drawing into 3d. I now know how to group and make components.7_0.2.skp (31.0 KB)

The individual conductors now need to be twisted to form a lay and this is where I am currently stuck. Like you said I can then use this component for future cable builds.


Here I have replace your raw geometry with a radial array of one component and a centre, then used Fredo’s Box Twisting, part of the Fredoscale toolset. to twist it. This will make each component unique, which will increase file size. You can delete five and array one to get rid of the uniqueness.

What you want to create is a fairly complex structure but quite easily achieved in sections.


Just the job…Thanks a lot.


The first three selections you make just prior to extruding the faces I can’t make out your actions. As all I can select is either the edge or face and not a blue square box around it.
Sorry about this just acting a bit thick!!!


Those selections are just to show you that it is components not raw geometry.
Make one circle, make it a component and radial array it.
Or use raw geometry and twist it, but it will all stick together.


Here it is from scratch.
Start with one circle, manipulate it, and array it as necessary.
Always work with repeatable components when you can.


Got it!!! Thanks again, quite simple when you know how. :slight_smile: